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6.4 Ford Powerstroke Maxx Force Pistons w/rings - Set of 8


The 6.4L had issues from the factory with the stock pistons cracking.
The Maxx Force 7 Pistons were designed for the International engine which are engineered to fix the issues that Ford had with the stock 6.4L pistons.
This kit will come with all 8 pistons and rings.

We are proud to present Genuine Mahle pistons, available in drop in replacement, or .010" shorter compression height to compensate for block machining. All pistons come with rings, pins and clips. All pistons come with coated skirts for superior wear protection and DLC coated pins for maximum durability.

Also available standard or coated crown for even greater durability. These are a great option for all factory rebuilds, and mild performance builds, we use these in all of the 6.4 engines we build in house. If no block machining has been done, the standard pistons may work, but for most applications, particularly where the block has been resurfaced, we recommend going with the .010" shorter compression height to keep piston protrusion within spec.