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The SPE 6.7L Emperor Turbo System is a 100% drop-in turbo system for the
2011-2019 6.7L Powerstroke.

The SPE 6.7L Emperor Turbo Kit is a 100% drop-in turbo system for the 2011-2019 6.7L Powerstroke. This system is the perfect solution for the enthusiast wanting the reliability of a non- VGT turbo or the ability to support more power with their 6.7L Powerstroke. It can also be used as a replacement for the problematic Garrett GT32 single sequential turbocharger (SST) found on the 2011-2014 year model.

Due to the way SPE has designed the turbo system it is an effortless upgrade/replacement turbo option that even a novice can install. In fact, the hardest part is removing the factory turbo.

This turbo system does NOT require any extra components*. It can be used as a 100% drop in replacement or as an upgrade. It uses the factory driver’s side manifold and an included, SPE designed, aftermarket passenger side manifold. This kit maintains the factory driver side up pipe (passenger side up pipe and manifold are no longer used), 2015+ style downpipe, 15+ lower intake manifold, and 11-19 upper intake manifold.

The system is capable of supporting stock power levels all the way up to 800hp.


100% Bolt On With No Additional Components Needed
No Modifications Necessary
Easy Installation
Solution for VGT Turbocharger Failures, Especially in the 2011-2014 Year Model
Fits Both Standard Pickups (Wide Frame) and Cab & Chassis Trucks
Available in 3 Sizes — S363, S366, & S370
Flexible Design to Upgrade Later with Minimal Changes to What You Have
Supports Power Levels Up to 800hp (Depending on Turbo Size)
Designed for Towing, Street Driving, and Racing


Exhaust Manifold- Cast out of 600 series ductile iron. SPE’s design retains the original Hot-V principles of getting the heat and exhaust flow to the turbo as quickly as possible. SPE designed the manifold to operate with dual volute T4 turbos. This manifold also has exhaust pulse optimization based off of runner lengths and engine firing order, one major key to great turbo spool up. A factory EGT bung is also cast in.
Turbocharger - The SPE turbos were designed in-house and are upgraded versions of the popular S300 series. Weak points were addressed including much higher quality castings, bearing material, and machine work and the end result is an even stronger, better design. They are currently available in 3 versions a 63mm, 66mm, 70mm compressor inlet size. All models will have an 80/73 turbine. It also has received slight design changes from the normal s300 variant to be optimized for the 6.7L engine to help with back pressure and spool up. Almost all the parts are compatible with the standard s300 turbos. Including turbine housings and rebuild kits, to help with serviceability and longevity.
Pedestal - The Pedestal is hard anodized to minimize oxidation and corrosion common on raw aluminum. When bolted to an iron block this helps to also minimize leaks over time. The oil return is a form fit silicone hose allowing for easy turbo installation and is much more reliable than a steel flex drain. The drain is also a no fuss push-in design no fittings to tighten or worry about.


2011-2019 style Ford SuperDuty F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550 6.7L Powerstroke- Fits both standard (wide frame) pickups and cab & chassis


15+ Style Downpipe (either stock or aftermarket)
2 Piece OEM Option- FC3Z6N646A & FC3Z6N646C
MBRP Aftermarket Option - FAL460
15+ Downpipe Clamp- FC3Z8287A
15+ Driver's Side Up Pipe- FC3Z9G437C
15+ Manifold Assembly- FC3Z9424A


*The base system is designed to work with a 15+ style truck, If purchasing it for an earlier 11-14 truck these items will be required

**Tuning may be required.

***Designed to work with SPE 6.7L based Emperor engines

****Intake piping kits sold separately. The piping kit is NOT necessary. The Emperor Turbo System can be ran with the factory plastic upper intake kit.