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Torque Link RZR

by BMP


Proper Calibration for the proper performance

Most UTVs today are extremely high-tech in their programming and can be modified well beyond what traditional tuners offer in their current models. Throughout our extensive R & D experience, Torque Link founded that recalibrating the ECU/ECM is the best way to get the most out of your machine. You do this by taking the time to go through the entire ECU and optimize it from the ground up. Something that was not commonly done in current ECU tuners. This way you can tune it to as close to perfection for every scenario to outperform your current programming configuration. Your UTV will be tuned and perform just as well as a UTV that was on the dyno and tested for months on end so that it excels in every situation to be smoother, faster, more efficient, and more reliable.


When using the Torque Link System you will have access to the latest and greatest tunes available for your machine. The TL license allows you to easily switch from level to any level whenever you want. Anytime a tune is updated it is instantly available to you for download. Multiple machines can be flashed with the same device with additional license purchases.

Pro XP Torque Link Licence Includes - Stock OEM Calibration

Level 1 performance tune for stock exhaust (+6hp)

Level 2 performance tune for slip-on or full 3" exhaust (+12hp)

Level 3 performance tune for slip-on or full 3" exhaust (+18hp)

Level 4 performance tune for slip-on or full 3" exhaust on race fuel (+25hp)

Specs specific to each tune level

L1 +.6psi - 91 oct (+6hp)

L2 +1.1psi - 91 oct (+12hp)

L3 +2.1psi - 91 oct (+18hp)

L4 +3.1psi - 100 oct (+25hp)