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6.0 Powerstroke 5 Blade 61/66 Drop-in

The Stainless Diesel '6.0 Stock+ 5blade Mafia turbocharger is a drop-in upgrade for your 2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke. If you are experiencing the common issue of sticking vanes, looking to meet work stock pulling rules, or simply just trying to have a sleeper this is a great way to majorly improve the performance of your rig all while addressing the problem!

The 5 blade mafia 6.0 stock+ turbo is exactly how these trucks should have come from the factory! With the iconic 03 whistle and added drivability of the 5 blade mafia compressor wheel aero design, you will not be disappointed by its capabilities and performance!

This turbocharger works without having to modify any existing components for drop-in performance! This turbo is perfect for those looking to maintain great drivability yet gain power!

It will work well with stock injector trucks squeezing the maximum potential out of them, however would pair fine with 155cc injectors.

This turbo is for those who tow heavy and are looking to gain some performance without the lag associated with other larger turbos.

With our  61mm 5Blade compressor wheel and 66.5mm 10blade turbine  this turbo will support 400-525hp +/-


  • Drop-in Replacement
  • Lower EGT's
  • Stock Like Drivability
  • 5Blade Mafia Compressor Wheel
  • New VGT Solenoid
  • High Flow Vanes
  • This turbo has an Extremely LOUD WHISTLE

You can rest easy with a 1 year unlimited mile warranty!

Turbos are based with the 2004-2007 Exhaust housing, to run this on a 2003 pedestal you will have to cut off the 3rd mounting bracket.