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KDD 6.0/6.4 Cam



Add performance and reliability to your Powerstroke with a Kill Devil Diesel camshaft; Stock Plus (Stage 1), Street Performance (Stage 2), or Competition (Stage 3) . The factory cam profile is abusive to lifters, with an extremely high failure rate - upgrade to a new billet stage 1, 2 or 3 camshaft to make the most of your street performance 6.0 Powerstroke. Our cams are CNC ground for repeat-ability and consistency, 100% new, no "re-grinds" or "welded" cams. Our new Stage 1 Cam is $670, Stage 2 cam is $770 shipped, Stage 3&4 cams are $870 shipped.

Stage 1 - Sock Plus - Ideal for factory replacement, heavy towing applications, maximizes efficiency from Idle-3500 RPM, from stock to 190 cc injectors, stock turbo up to stage 2 VGT turbo.

Stage 2 - Street Performance - Ideal for the modified street truck looking to maximize efficiency from 1600-4000 RPM, perfect for stock to 330cc injectors, hands down our most versitile camshaft. Works well for towing but really shines on hot street trucks from 2k-4k rpm. Proven itself in daily driven applications to 1000+ hp street/strip applications.

Stage 3 - Competition - Ideal for very hot street trucks, street/strip or competitoin only trucks. Will require .100" valve reliefs in pistons. Recommened higher stall converter. Cam is designed to maximize efficiency from 2500-5000 RPM. Engineered for nitrous, compound turbos, big single turbo's, or any combination thereof.

By changing the valve opening and closing events -when the valves open and close in relation to top dead center, piston pumping speeds, and maximizing efficiency for the given application, our camshaft really shine at evacuating the exhaust gas out of the cylinder, which aids in spooling the turbo quicker, resulting in better cylinder filling and lower EGT's. Most customers also report 1-2mpg gains with this camshaft with our stage 1 and 2 camshafts. The stock plus (Stage 1) and Street Performance (Stage 2) cam is considered a "drop in" meaning no special machining or valve reliefs in pistons are required as long as the heads have at least .020" valve recession and piston protrusion is less than .030". Stage 3 and 4 cams will require .100" valve reliefs in pistons.