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Cummins Water Pump 5.9L | 6.7L - **BILLET**



This is the BulletProof Water Pump for the 1989-2022 Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L.

The Bullet Proof Diesel Aluminum Water Pump is designed for maximum durability. It features a metal impeller - in place of the OEM plastic impeller - a lightweight aluminum pulley, larger top of the line bearing assembly, top-grade seal and a precision machined all-billet aluminum housing.

The stronger, metal impeller, resists cracking along the hub helping to prevent impeller failures, overheating engines and expensive repairs. The metal impeller is also stiffer and stronger, therefore less likely to flex under heavy loads, which could help prevent cavitation and erosion within the front cover.

The lightweight all aluminum drive pulley helps to minimize parasitic loss and because of the cooling fin design, helps to cool the bearing under even the most extreme conditions. 

The bearing chosen for this water pump is much larger and more robust that the factory bearing.  This upgraded roller and ball bearing is of the highest quality.  This bearing offers superior durability and longevity as compared to the factory unit.

The billet aluminum housing is stronger and more precise than a typical diesel water pump's cast housing.